The WebPMI™ solution is a Browser/WebServer implementation of our WinPMI™ M&E application over a corporate intranet or secure Internet. It can be hosted by an Application Services Provider (ASP) as SaaS or as an in-house installation. It offers all the functional benefits of our tried and tested WinPMI™ plus the following advantages:

  • Native Universal Internet access using Xi (XML driven) Thin and Thick clients
  • Full Encryption, Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
  • Seamless integration with DigiREPORTS™, DigiDOC™ and DigiSMART™
  • Web / Internet Remote Access and printing

Able to support any of the WinPMI™ technology platforms: MS Server/MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Linux as well as maintaining the iSeries application server option.

WebPMI™ Business Functions

Aviation Maintenance, Purchasing, Inventory management, Stores, Technical Records, Rotable Component Management, Regulatory Document Management, Engineering Order management, Production Planning, Production Control, Reliability, Third Party Maintenance.

Fully Integrated

Aerosoft understands the big picture – we know how all the pieces of an airline’s operation fit together, and how maintenance and engineering interrelate with other internal and external business processes. Designed by M&E experts, WebPMI™ can be totally integrated with your financial and flight operations systems. It seamlessly connects diverse functions, eliminating “islands of automation” and streamlining your operation. As a result, you enjoy improved efficiency and significant time and cost savings: once the WebPMI™ system is implemented, you’ll never have to enter the same information twice.



The multi-platform WebPMI™ client-server application can be used in just about any environment – IBM AS400, Windows MS/SQL, Windows Oracle, and Linux Oracle – all with an easy-to-use Windows interface. It’s accessible via LAN, WAN, or the Internet – and, while it’s ready to go right out of the box, it can be economically tailored to your distinctive requirements, so you can count on a perfect fit.

Totally Supported

We take a seriously hands-on approach to installation and implementation. We immerse ourselves in your unique operation, fine-tuning the application of our system to your M&E business processes. And we don’t disappear after it is installed. Our intensive – and ongoing — involvement guarantees smooth implementation and improved processes.


WebPMI™ is priced to fit the type and size of your fleet. Smaller fleets and smaller aircraft need the same system capabilities as airlines that operate major fleets of the largest aircraft, and WebPMI™ is priced within their reach. Enjoy the same functionality at an affordable price based on your usage and need.


AeroSoft WebPMI™ is a versatile and highly functional M & E software system providing advanced operational support for airline and third party maintenance organizations. PMI is installed and operational at airlines and third party maintenance operating under FAR Parts . 121, -135, -145 and JAR Part .145. WebPMI™ makes extensive use of technologies such as bar-coding, imaging, and wireless terminals as a means of streamlining business processes and improving employee productivity.


  • Full integration between the maintenance & engineering operations and the financial organization through an online, real-time system.
  • Provides engineering control of all Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, inspections, and component modifications.
  • Provides complete technical records tracking and control for all maintenance inspections, maintenance tasks, hard time parts, and life limited parts.
  • Supports regulatory compliance to FAA, CAA, JAR, CASA, DGCA requirements.
  • Assembly and sub-assembly tracking.
  • Warranty tracking and control by vendor and OEM part number/serial number.
  • Tracking of shelf life limited parts and calibrated tools.
  • Line maintenance defect tracking and control.
  • The on-line creation and management of job cards with full revision control through DJM.
  • DJM (Desktop Jobcard Manager) / Integration with OEM digital documents.
  • Integration with 3rd party commercial Financial Systems, Flight Ops Systems.
  • Production planning and production control functionality.
  • Produces reliability data.
  • Comprehensive on-line inquiry capabilities and user defined report capabilities.
  • Supports the use of database query tools (MS SQL Server/Oracle, MS SQL Reporting Services, Crystal) for ad-hoc inquiry and report generation.
  • Remote operation over LAN, WAN, or Internet.







WebPMI™ is a function-rich M&E system, deployed in general aviation, regulatory agencies and third party maintenance organizations.

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