The Desktop Jobcard Module (DJM) is an add-on to the WinPMI solution that allows the creation, maintenance and printing of aircraft manufacturers’ MMs (maintenance manuals) along with the airline’s maintenance program jobcards. Collated IPC (Illustrated Part Catalogue), WD (Wiring Diagram) and/or mm (Maintenance Manual) images are also part of the standard DJM work-pack. DJM replaces the labour-intensive process of copying and printing individual pages from manuals or separate databases. How? Simply by storing this retrieval-ready data in PMI.


When a jobcard is produced, its images and text enhancements are automatically integrated. Additionally, jobcard data benefit from having full “rich text format”, thereby allowing the creation of user friendly jobcards featuring highlights, bold or italic styles.

DJM features and functionality

DJM allows a number of assignment and referencing capabilities, including:

  • Jobcard header management.
  • Zone assignment.
  • Access panel assignment.
  • Spare parts & tools assignment.
  • Aircraft maintenance manuals reference assignment with graphics.
  • Description / memo / diagram.
  • Jobcard attachment referencing.
  • Fast search functionality.
  • Drag-drop functionality.
  • Multiple manual references.
  • Graphical integration


With winPMI, maintenance manual images can be printed along with the jobcard

DJM uses client server technology to capture illustrated part catalogue (IPC), WD and MM pages required by the user and incorporate them into the jobcard. Additionally, even though DJM resides at the desktop level, DJM fully utilizes the reliability of the PMI database for all data storage, retrieval and centralised data acquisition. In short, DJM re-engineers your existing business process and seamlessly integrates it within your current PMI environment.

In summary, DJM:

  • Allows the creation, maintenance and printing of routine and non-routine jobcards and work packs.
  • Interfaces with specific aircraft manufacturers’ maintenance manual viewers.
  • Operates in a Windows™ graphical environment.
  • Uses PMI’s existing database.

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“With winPMI, maintenance manual images can be printed and collated along with the jobcard pages”