DigiPLAN™ is a Project, Resources and Services Management application to schedule Jobs, setup and monitor Tasks and Services using graphical user interface (Gantt Charts, Resource allocation/prioritizations…).

What makes it of value is that it is written in JavaScript and while the ‘user’ manipulates screen images, in fact DigiMAINT™ / WebPMI™ SQL table data is being read or written.

The Gantt chart is fully interactive; all items can be changed directly in the chart. DigiPLAN™ can be used for task management, project templates or process management.

DigiPLAN™ is especially beneficial for services or resources management.

DigiPLAN™ Gantt Chart is core for project charter to create project schedules and plans


Features for Full Project Management Application include:

  • Tasks set by duration or end date or both (mirrored), with percentage of completion.
  • Milestones with 0 duration.
  • Resources for tasks, possible filtering rows by resources.
  • Resource usage and availability charts. Resource types like work or material.
  • Discrete bars for real flow – actual completion of the task, usable along the task bars.
  • Flags – any custom icons shown on exact date with defined tooltip.
  • Dependencies between tasks as descendants (successors) or ancestor (predecessors) or both (mirrored).
  • Dependency types end-start (fs), end-end (ff), start-start (ss), start-end (sf).
  • Possible more dependencies between two tasks (ss + ff).
  • Dependency lags in any time units like hours, days or elapsed days.
  • Dependency constraints define available span between dependency start+lag and end.
  • Checking circular dependencies.
  • Automatic correcting dependencies after task move or resize or dependency change, moving the dependent tasks.
  • Possible correcting dependencies only on demand, showing the incorrect dependencies in red.
  • Automatic checking all entered inputs and changes in chart if they are correct.
  • Excluded holidays – any defined dates, date ranges or repeated dates.
  • The holidays are excluded from Gantt calculations and can be also hidden from the chart.
  • Project baseline date constraint, tasks cannot be moved before or the first tasks are forced to start on.
  • Critical path management – critical tasks with specified slack can be highlighted or filtered.
  • Task date constraints for early start date, early finish date, late start date, late finish date.
  • All the date constraints are shown in Gantt chart as icons and be added, deleted and moved directly in the chart.
  • Highlighted custom dates or date ranges in background or foreground.
  • Fully customizable Gantt headers, defining any date formats in one or more header lines.
  • The Gantt chart is fully interactive, all items can be changed directly in the chart by mouse.
  • The Gantt behavior is fully customizable by defining key and mouse action schema.
  • Gantt popup menu (customizable) with all available features accessible from the menu on right click.
  • Smooth zoom to date range selected by mouse dragging in header or by click to exact date in header.
  • Custom zoom levels with different dates and formats in header, size constraints and backgrounds.
  • Custom CSS styles, every cell can display completely different bars (shapes and colors).


Features for Full Resource and Service Management Application include:

  • More independent bars in one cell.
  • Every bar can have its own type, width, caption, color, class and tooltip.
  • Various types of bars with different features, like normal, empty, not movable, not resizable, start/end.
  • All the bar setting can be changed by a user from popup menu or another custom way.
  • The bars can overlap each other, in this case they can be marked as error with different color and class.
  • The bars can be defined independently by their start dates and width or end date.
  • Or the bars can be defined by one start date and bar widths.
  • The bars are fully interactive, can be created, resized, moved and deleted by mouse dragging.
  • Many possibilities of moving behavior, the bars can be shifted or resized to create room for the new bar.
  • Bars can be moved between rows or between grids or can be dropped to any other custom place.
  • Joined bars, moving the joined bars together, possible splitting and joining bars by dragging.
  • Other Gantt features like header, zoom, dependencies or resources can be also used with Run bars.
  • Other Gantt objects like flags, flow, tasks or milestones can be also shown along Run bars with one cell.

DigiPLAN #3

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