Aviation Materiel and Resource Planning

DigiMAINT™ is a WEB-based civil / commercial aviation maintenance management system, specifically designed for aircraft operators, maintenance facilities and stock distributors. DigiMAINT™ provides complete control over all facets of your operation including technical records, stock control, sales, purchasing, and flight operations.

  • Provides for management functions of data mining, decision support, and financial analysis
  • Complies with scheduled airline regulatory standards (FAA FAR 121, JAA JAROPS 145)
  • A user-friendly browser interface and cost effective technology platform (MS Server / MS SQL and Java/Tomcat implementation)
  • DigiPLAN and DigiREPORTS are integral modules implemented with DigiMAINT NG
  • Integrates with DigiDOC™ based document management and spare parts transactions over secure Internet
  • Developed and supported by aviation engineers, mechanics, and process experts covering all aircraft M&E functional requirements in a single system


DigiMAINT™ is a function-rich M&E system, deployed in general aviation, smaller airlines, regulatory agencies and third party maintenance organizations, both locally installed in-house or as an ASP hosted solution.

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