DigiMaint Videos

An introduction of the DigiMAINT NG System and its core Modules.

Parts Locator
How to find Materials within the DigiMAINT NG application.

Flight Log Management
Aircraft Flight/Technical Logs in DigiMAINT NG.

Aircraft Inventory
Aircraft Configuration and Maintenance Control in DigiMAINT NG.

Maintenance Scheduling
Review Due Maintenance Requirements and assign them to a Job within DigiMAINT NG.

Work Planing
Production Work Planning of Tasks and Jobs within DigiMAINT NG.


Order Management
Handling Orders and associated functionalities in DigiMAINT NG.

Staff Management
Management of Staff Records, their Training, License and Qualification Records in DigiMAINT NG.

Management Analysis Tools
An overview of some of the Management Tools to analyze Aircraft and Fleet Performance, Stockroom Inventory Value, Open Order Value, among others in DigiMAINT NG.

A Digital Repository to attach, link and retrieve digital documents to System Identifiers in DigiMAINT NG.

Facilities Management
Management of Ground Suppport Equipment, Document Library and eDocument Library within DigiMAINT NG.

Print a JIC
Print a JIC from a Work Package in DigiMAINT NG.