Effective aviation M&E and MRO systems should maintain the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ of maintenance. Technical Documentation / Publications and their Content Management Systems (CMS) should maintain the ‘how’. The management of ‘why’ and ‘who’ is shared between both systems. In simple technical terms, current compliant information (‘currency’), ‘effectivity’ and ‘applicability’ are key attributes of any aviation CMS.

AeroSoft’s CMS known as DigiDOC™ keeps the ideal balance among all of these. This agnostic solution can work in tandem seamlessly with any M&E/MRO system and any OEM proprietary system through Web 2.0 API’s. It facilitates the Engineering, Planning and Execution processes across the gamut of the Materials, Quality and Production organizations to insure uncompromising compliance at optimal productivity and lowest overall costs. Job Cards, EO’s and Manuals are all customized yet remain compliant to OEM structures for Revision Management.

What the FAA says about Technical Documentation

Below you will find exerts from the FAA Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) Technical Documentation for Maintenance Workshop 2012.

This workshop sponsored by the US FAA focused on the imperative requirement for the implementation of improvements to the authoring and distribution of technical content by analyzing how issues associated with technical documentation cause errors, expensive rework, play havoc with dispatch reliability, create other safety hazards, and ultimately lead to regulatory administrative actions against individuals and organizations.

The workshop identified the following issues among others:

  • Industry studies have demonstrated that up to 60% of aviation incidents were procedure related or involved technical documentation. These instances threaten safety and cost the industry millions of dollars.
  • The “two top errors” on the maintenance floor are “information not used” and “procedures not followed”.
  • 36% of all regulatory actions against aircraft maintenance technicians are for “not using proper technical documentation”
  • 64% of all incidents registered in the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) are related to technical documentation or procedural challenges or both.
  • The data is extremely complex in all its interrelations.
  • There is available software technology and know-how that it is not being fully exploited to solve the issues.

According to the participants the challenge is to “deliver the right form and right pieces of information into the right hands, at the right time and place.”

The workshop also encouraged maintenance, repair and overhaul stakeholders to make a more a more compelling business case for document issue improvements. To read the full document Click here.



“…it is known that the technical documentation challenge is the greatest risk in the aviation industry – it will take more than a scientist’s workshop to fix the issues, but this is a good start.”

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