The Airline Interface Module (AIM) is an air-carrier specific software application of interactive accounts connected to WebPMI.

AIM performs the following functions:

  • Create journal entries for all inventory movements.
  • Online, real-time link with Purchasing, Repair Orders, Loan orders and Exchange In at invoice entry level.
  • Three way match with Orders, Receiving records and invoice.
  • Generation of NOE (Notice of Exception) electronic messages between the A/P user and WebPMI purchaser to resolve any difference between the estimated amount and the actual invoice amount when the invoice amount is greater than the tolerance allowed.
  • Prevention of payments for undelivered items, unordered goods, items not inspected, return to vendor or under warranty.
  • Multi-currency. Converts WebPMI orders to the invoice currency at invoice entry level.
  • WebPMI orders updated with invoice actual amount.
  • Correct inventory valuation by updating the average inventory values.
  • WebPMI journal entries accruals are reversed out and actual amount is posted.
  • Multiple WebPMI orders can be entered into one AIM invoice.
  • A single WebPMI order can have multiple AIM invoices up to the WebPMI received  quantity or amount.
  • The ability to capitalize tax, freight or both.
  • The ability to enter Credit/Debit memos against a PO and include in the recalculation of average price.
  • The ability to view order memos entered by the WebPMI user.
  • The ability to enter A/P voucher memos and protect from modification by other users.
  • Multi-filter inquiry capabilities.
  • WebPMI can access AIM invoices within its order inquiries.