The AeroSoft Product Suite

Innovation and Integration

The AeroSoft Product Suite  embody principles of enterprise resource planning and integrate with logistics data in civil and commercial aviation. Our new generation of customizable software and services are fully implemented for the Internet / Web and reduce maintenance costs, increase aircraft availability, and fulfill regulatory requirements. Our systems enhance the efficiency of Technical Operations while integrating them into the overall aviation business process. We integrate our Maintenance Systems with Flight Operations Systems and with ERP-based Financial Accounting Systems with real-time interfaces in most of our implementations.

Our products and services fully support maintenance and engineering management, asset/spares management and digital document linking and management. WebPMI™, DJM, DigiMAINT™, DigiPLAN™, DigiREPORTS™ and DigiDOC™, make up a balanced contemporary, integrated suite of software adaptable and customized to the individual needs of each airline, MRO, or FBO. We fine-tune the settings in our software to fit your current business process, legacy systems, historical data, and fleet-specific configurations.

Our services and products are based on aviation and technology industry standards and requirements set by the




If you could design the ideal M&E system for your operation – you’d end up with something that looks a lot like AeroSoft’s PMI. That’s because we start with a robust, time-tested system, perfected over 30 person-years of work and 28 implementations in commercial airline M&E shops airlines worldwide — and then we work with you to fit it smoothly into your company’s processes.



A third-generation implementation of aviation maintenance software currently in use by hundreds of aircraft, DigiMAINT™ features a user-friendly browser interface. It provides for management functions of data mining, decision support, and financial analysis. This interface enables integration with PDF, XML, SGML, JPEG, CGM (or even proprietary formats such as .DOCX. .XLSX, and others) – based document management and spare parts transactions over the Web. DigiMAINT™ is available for in-house implementation ´Right to Use´ license or as an ASP hosted application accessible over the Internet.



DigiDOC™ is a state of the art digital document management solution which integrates with DigiMAINT™ and WebPMI™, providing both standalone and web delivery of Aerospace Technical Manuals, ability to make updates or “green pages”, and the capability to manage airline equipment programs interfaced to the manufacturer’s Maintenance Planning Document (MPD).



DigiREPORTS™ is a natural extension to WebPMI’s and DigiMAINT’s vast array of canned reports. Designed as part of a Java framework it allows the deployment of executive and management reports over the company’s intranet and the internet. It provides drill-down capability to zero down on the root cause of the problems and the cost drivers. The system allows setting up reports on a schedule so that they can be delivered at a pre-established frequency to specific individuals within the maintenance organization using the data sets of their interest. DigiREPORTS™ can be exported to different formats (such as .html, .docx, .xlsx., .pdf, and .xml).


The Desktop Jobcard Module (DJM) is an add-on to the WinPMI solution that allows the creation, maintenance and printing of aircraft manufacturers’ MMs (maintenance manuals) along with the airline’s maintenance program jobcards. Collated IPC (Illustrated Part Catalogue), WD (Wiring Diagram) and/or mm (Maintenance Manual) images are also part of the standard DJM work-pack. DJM replaces the labour-intensive process of copying and printing individual pages from manuals or separate databases. How? Simply by storing this retrieval-ready data in PMI.