AeroSoft Overview

AeroSoft Systems Inc., founded June 1997, is a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The company’s exclusive focus is the development and marketing of software solutions and services for maintenance and engineering in commercial and civil aviation. AeroSoft’s unique product offerings provide aviation operators with the very best Data Management systems available to ensure cost control, regulatory compliance, and maintenance management.

The company’s management team is highly experienced with over six decades of credentials in civil aviation maintenance, digital documents and commercial software systems development.

The company’s vision was established by founder Thanos Kaponeridis (President and CEO) through his experience at Bombardier Aerospace and ATA iSPEC 2200. “We deliver solutions based on Internet and Mobile technology, accommodating various platforms and databases – MS Server / Linux / iSeries and MS SQL  / DB2. These solutions can be supported by secure browser clients as demanded by the customer’s infrastructure.”

AeroSoft has grown over the past 20+ years to the unique position in the aircraft maintenance management software industry of having three flagship products: WebPMI™ and DigiMAINT™ for MRO and DigiDOC™ for digital Content Management.

Bar-coding, digital documents/imaging, and wireless terminals are being used by all DigiMAINT™ , WebPMI™ and DigiDOC™ in production implementations globally.

Over 1000 aircraft depend on the AeroSoft 7x24x365 software support environment which in addition to telephone, VoIP and Remote Desktop Support, has a WEB portal for Customer Support.



“We deliver solutions based on Internet technology, accommodating all types of platforms and databases – MS Server, Linux, iSeries and MS SQL,  and DB2.”