AeroSoft Systems Inc.

Civil and Commercial Aviation Maintenance and Engineering Management Systems built for Internet / Intranet deployment

Airlines are in the business of flying Compliant Aircraft, which allows them to transport passengers and cargo

How many zeros do you need to have in your Revenues before “Software Vendors” stop treating you like one?

At AeroSoft Systems, we are focused on our customers regardless of their size and might and we project our domain knowledge through our solutions, implementation processes and our on-going unrivaled support which results in favorable business outcomes.

Value to the industry

Our 20+ airline active customers cumulative fleet of 1000 aircraft have been managed using our solutions anywhere from 3 to 22 years. The value in our products and services cumulatively represents 300-customer-years and 10,000+ aircraft-years. This is a match with other best of breed M&E system or vendor experience in the market today. Our installed base experience is backed by our staff’s domain experience of more than 200 person years.


Our Products have an average customer loyalty of over 15 years and a fleet size of 5-160 aircraft and cumulative 10,000 aircraft-years. It has been optionally offered as SaaS/ASP since 2001.